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Search Engine Optimisation Case Study is a London based company hiring and selling projectors on the Web.

All of ProjectorPoint's sales leads are generated through the web, so it is vitally important to have an excellent listing on the leading search engines and directories in order to gain new business.

The first stage of the Dataflow IT optimisation process was to examine the keywords for the site and formulate a campaign strategy.

After analysis of commonly used search terms, Dataflow IT formed a 'hitlist' of keywords to target, including "projector", "projectors", "projector hire", "projector hire London". The word "Projector" is used by over 300,000 web sites as a keyword so in order to achieve top positions in search engine results a well planned and sophisticated strategy was required.

Using our in depth knowledge of search engine algorithms and keyword strategies:

  • First placed projector dealer on Google
  • Top position on Google for "projector advice","Infocus projectors" and "Sharp projectors".
  • Number two position for "Projector Hire" on Google

  • Top three listings on AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, FastSearch and LookSmart for various search criteria.

Data correct as of Feb '03

Since using the Dataflow IT search engine optimisation service, have had a dramatic increase in business as a result of their high listings on the top search engines and directories.

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